Free courses and programmes for Support Staff, Families, carers and individuals

Justin Rusk is The Advisory Group’s (TAG) appointed Community Development worker for Stirling and Clackmannanshire. He has asked us to to circulate his message to care providers, Support Staff and local community groups within the area.

TAG has developed a new programme which will enable people to explore Self Directed Support (SDS) and all of the choices and options this can afford them. Building upon previous success the programme’s aim is to highlight and provide a range of user led community activities. All courses and activities are free of charge to participants.

The programme consists of a series of free courses and programmes which encourages people to explore community assets and breaks down the jargon of SDS. Following the Outcomes for Living course our programme will deliver a series of fully interactive and fun workshops for Outcome Focussed Planning. This programme is beneficial for Support Staff, Families, carers and individuals and will ultimately enable people to identify, plan and work towards achieving their own personal outcome. In addition to the training courses we are running Meet and Greet sessions which are central for exploring shared interests within the communities.

It is Key that the local community groups are aware of our programme and given the opportunity to become involved in all that we are doing are TAG.

Please take note and pass this message on to anyone who it may be of interest to. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or for further information please visit our website at:

Contact Justin Rusk: