Local Place Plan – Get involved in 2024 to shape our community for the future

Local Place Plans are part of new planning legislation and give our community the power to create proposals for positive development of land and our rural area.

With an approved Local Place Plan (LPP), our community-led local land strategy becomes part of the wider planning strategy that Stirling Council will have to adhere to.

A small working group including members of Strathblane Community Council (SCC) and Strathblane Community Development Trust (SCDT) will lead the process. However, what is really required is to gather the best ideas and wishes from the widest possible number of residents. This web page will provide updates as we go on…

June 2024 – Survey responses are being analysed!

March/April 2024 – WE NEED YOUR OPINIONS

To kick off the LPP consultation process we would like you to comment, anonymously, on your local community and to let us know what could be done to make our villages even better places to live in, work in and visit.


Anybody over the age of 11 can fill in the questionnaire and it is not limited to one per household. The more completed questionnaires that we get the better. To have your say and shape the future of our villages please complete the questionnaire by April 30th, 2024.

Paper copies are available in the library for people who prefer to use these. Members of the Community Council and SCDT will also be available in the library on Monday and Tuesday mornings to provide help in completing the questionnaire.

New background information

We have uploaded a copy of the Lowland Market Research’s report on the 2009 community planning consultation, mentioned below.


(Article circulated in Blane Valley Bulletin Jan/Feb 2024)

Why should we do a local place plan?

SCC and SCDT will be launching a community consultation in the Spring. As well as guiding Planning, an important by-product is evidence of community priorities and community support for various projects. This can help all sorts of community groups access grant funding without conducting onerous research of their own.

Are there any questions that you or your group would like included in the survey?

Please let us know by 10th February 2024, or as soon as possible.

Email contact@strathblanecc.org.uk or scdt@strathblane.online or use the Contact form



For those of you with long memories you may remember the survey carried out in 2009 that resulted in our Community Action Plan 2011. |A detailed report on the 2009 consultation was also prepared.  The priorities identified have guided the work of SCC and SCDT since then. For example: Paths, Allotments, Speeding traffic, Affordable Housing. However, a lot can change in a decade, and both we and Stirling Council need to know what are the needs and aspirations of each community for the decade(s) to come.

Our Local Place Plan will replace the Community Action Plan and bring everything up to date.

The Local Place Plan is just one part of the overall Development Plan Scheme established by Stirling council (and all councils across Scotland). An introductory presentation on the Local Place Plan Process is here.


Some more recent evidence is available, for example in the Housing Needs Survey Report that was based on input from 18+ percent of households in the area, during 2020. But if new housing is needed, how and where can it be provided?  What type of housing do we need? There are small estates of new homes built in 2014 and 2023 that are already occupied with a mix of private owners and housing association tenants. But other houses and flats built in 2023 lie empty, after months on the market…

The LPP process is the opportunity for the community as a whole to have a say on these issues, and also on the other facilities and infrastructure that our community needs to thrive in the years to come.

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