Strathblane Community Council planning issues

The Strathblane Community Council monitors planning applications that affect the area, and submits comments where appropriate, on behalf of the community. For proposals of wider interest, we encourage developers to speak to the community before submitting applications, and we have supported several successful consultations. Strathblane Community Council does not generally takes sides in disputes between neighbours and does not take an active interest in minor applications. The main priority of the Strathblane Community Council is to see that Stirling applies the policies that have been set, while taking into account any special circumstances of our community.

Policy matters…

On policy matters, Strathblane Community Council has also been a very active contributor to consultations over planning policies, including Housing in the Countryside, Green Belt policies that have a direct impact here. Nowadays these policies are wrapped up in the Local Development Plan which covers the whole of the Stirling Area, and which is renewed every few years. In recent years, we have seen fewer contentious applications than in the past, and this partly as a result of the clarity brought by the Local Development Plan policies.

Our designated planning and licensing correspondents…

The Community Council has a designated Planning and Licensing Correspondent, John Gray, and a few members of the community council are designated Planning Group. The Planning Correspondent also deals with any Licensing matters that arise (alcohol and gambling licences, for example). Choose “Planning and Licensing” on the Contact form to contact the planning and licensing correspondents directly. However, please note that the Community Council is only one voice in the ear of the authorities, and members of the community are encouraged to contact Stirling directly on planning applications.

Database of Planning Applications

Below there is a button linking to Stirling’s Database of all planning applications affecting the Strathblane and Blanefield Community Council area. This also provides a form for you to submit comments.

Planning Process

The community council does not decide on planning applications – this is the job of Stirling Council. Please see Stirling’s website for more information on the planning process. The “Planning Toolbox” explains how planning applications are handled and determined and forms Stirling Council’s approved procedures on dealing with planning applications.

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