Campsie Road houses – second appeal REJECTED by Scottish Ministers

The second appeal by Gladman to build 70 houses along Campsie Road has finally been decided. There has been a lot of highly technical dispute between Gladman and Stirling Council on the correct method of calculating housing supply. If there is a shortfall, then the balance tips in favour of developments, even ones that don’t comply with teh Local Development Plan. However, the Scottish Ministers have decided that, even one took the most extreme calculation possible, the balance would not tip far enough to allow this particular proposal.  The main objections that could not be overcome were

  • the impact on the setting of the village and the green belt landscape, and
  • the major expansion that would result and the dependence on car journeys out of the area that the development would entail.

More information is on our webpage here.  Gladman could still appeal to the Court of Session, we understand. However, it seems that they would have to overturn the Reporter’s opinion on quite a few issues.