Health and social care report September

Strathblane Community Council: 4 September 2017

Health and Social Care Report

Neighbourhoods of Care Meeting: 21 August 2017

  1. The Shared Lives initiative discussed at last CC meeting has been shelved temporarily.
  2. Business plan for project agreed by Integrated Joint Board and planning for project in progress. More info at next meeting.
  3. Area of project extended slightly beyond G63 as some GPs pointed out parts of their catchment were being omitted.
  4. Stirling Career’s Centre: approximately 17% of post 16 population and 10% of under 16s provide informal care.  The Carer’s Centre offers the following support in the rural area: emotional, financial support, Rural Carer’s group, specialist knowledge for advice and awareness raising.  The June meeting in Strathblane library, including some individual confidential advice sessions, was well attended.
  5. Carers (Scotland ) Act 2016 will establish that carers whose identified needs meet local eligibility criteria will have right to support through an Adult carer Support Plan. Those who do not meet the criteria will still have a right to other forms of support, information and advice.  The local authority will have a statutory duty to support carers and must maintain an information and advice service.  Currently a Carers Charter and the Carers Act Regulations are in draft form and under consultation.  Contact information: Draft regulations until 24 September 2017.  Draft Carer’s Charter -the-carers-act-2016 until 22 October 2017.
  6. Power of Attorney: for help consult Solicitors for Older People Scotland as doing it yourself if very difficult.
  7. Town Break: largely centred in Stirling has been working for 25 years to support carers of those with dementia offering friendship groups.  Now has a new group meeting monthly in Killearn.  Need to be invited and to have a diagnosis of dementia.  There is a notice about it in the doctors’ surgery.  The meeting pointed out the problem of the long wait (currently about 18 months) for an official diagnosis.  There is a Town Break website for more information.
  8. Maintaining balance and preventing falls for older people. A leaflet giviPhysical Activity:  important to maintain.  A leaflet outlining 6 simple exercises to help maintain balance is available.

 BT Phone boxes and local defibrillators

The Community Council now owns both the Edmonstone Hall box and the one near the Co-op.  There are plans in hand to ove the Edmonstone Hall defibrillator into one and a new, donated defibrillator into the other.  More info when available.

Strathblane Community Fund

We soon hope to purchase the Community Keyboard which will be held in the Village Club and to provide Dementia friendly signage to the Village Club.   After this expenditure the Church would like the CC to hold the remaining fund on behalf of the Community.