AGM 2018 meeting Monday 11th June


AGM on Monday 11th June at 7.30 pm in the Village Club


  1. Welcome from the Chair and any apologies
  2. Minutes of last AGM 12th June 2017


  1. Reports from Office Bearers
  2. a) Chairperson Margaret Vass
  3. b) Secretary Grace Edmonds
  4. c) Treasurer Sue Rand, approval of accounts


  1. Election of Office Bearers
  2. a) Chairperson
  3. b) Vice chairperson
  4. c) Secretary


e)Planning and licensing correspondent


  1. Allocation of other responsibilities
  2. a) Roads
  3. b) Environment
  4. c) Health

d)Editor BVB

  1. e) Broadband


  1. Planning group membership


  1. SCC representatives on other groups within the village
  2. a) SCDT
  3. b) Village Club
  4. c) Mugdock management Committee


  1. Cheque signatories


  1. Meeting Schedule 2018/19


  1. Date of next meeting to be decided, June 2019



Contact us at . Also on our website Telephone numbers for Community Councillors are on the notice boards, in the library and in the Blane Valley Bulletin.