More Houses on Campsie Road? – Planning application now under consideration

Gladman Returns! – Planning application 17/00434/PPP

On 31 May 2017 Gladman Developments filed the expected planning application for the site on Campsie Road. A programme of urgent consultation was agreed at the Strathblane Community Council meeting on 12 June 2017.

A supplement  with information and questionnaire is being issued with the June 2017 edition of the Blane Valley Bulletin. This includes a survey/questionnaire for you to tell Strathblane Community Council your views of the Gladman proposal for up to 70 houses on Campsie Road (and re-location of the proposed cemetery extension).  Please complete the online survey/questionnaire. If you can’t fill it in online, you can drop a paper answer in the box at Strathblane Library.

Please encourage family and neighbours to take part in this important consultation. The questionnaire also seeks input on the types of new housing that may actually be needed in the local area.

Everyone’s priorities and views are different, so it is vital that as many residents as possible make their own submissions directly to Stirling Council, as well as responding to this survey. The community council  does not decide the planning application.

Before you answer, you may want to look at the proposal in more detail:
  • Full details (and a comment facility) are on Stirling’s planning portal here.
  • A copy of the Design Statement has been downloaded 17_00434_PPP-DESIGN_STATEMENT-496587.
  • The Community Council’s response to Gladman’s “pre-application consultation” is here.
  • More information about the Local Development Plan is on our website here.
  • We are also arranging drop-in sessions at the Village Club (28 June and 24 July; 2.30-8.30pm) and
  • Special community council meeting on 31 July 2017 (7.30pm, Village Club).

“Illustrative Master Plan” from application 17/00434/PPP


History (Oct-December 2016)

Strathblane Community Council and Stirling Council received a “pre-application notice” (PAN) from Gladman Developments. The PAN is an initial stage aimed at helping developers, the community and other interested parties to iron out any issues before the potential submission of a formal planning application. This PAN is suggesting the creation of a residential development and a cemetery on Campsie Road. The site is adjacent to the new Cala houses and covers two fields that are divided by a track leading over the Blane Water and the Strathkelvin Railway Path. A PAN is required for major developments that may be housing proposals of 50 or more dwellings or housing sites of 2 hectares or more.



There were prolonged consultations leading to our Community Action Plan (2011) and successive rounds of discussion on subsequent Local Development Plan proposals for our villages. The community agreed that the Cala Development on Campsie Road would be LAST development in this location with the boundary with the Green Belt being created by a new cemetery provided by Stirling Council. This has been backed by the Council and is consistent with the conclusions reached by the Reporter who examined the Local Development Plan —“Further low density westerly expansion would have an unacceptable impact on the countryside and Green Belt”. More background on the Local Development Plan update for 2017 is on our page  here. More detailed background was provided in the special supplement distributed with the November edition of the Blane Valley Bulletin. Additional resources are given at the foot of this page.

Pre-application Consultation

So far

The PAN is the start of a 3 month consultation between the applicant and the community. Gladman Developments held a Drop-in Session at the Village Club on Monday 31st October 2016. We believe over 100 people as possible went along to find out what the development proposals are and express their views on what is being proposed. Gladman Developments will have to produce a pre-application consultation report in which the views of all those who comment will be reported to the Council.

At the drop-in session, Gladman exhibited some information boards. These are available to view in Strathblane Library. A copy is online at Gladman’s website below, and on our website here. The Community Council does not consider Gladman’s consultation to be satisfactory. For example, their exhibition boards contain some misleading explanations. For example, they say “The Council has identified the site … as being appropriate for release from the green belt and has accepted the principle of development on the site.” Clearly it is absurd to count cemetery and housing as equal kinds of “development”. Moreover, as the maps on the same board clearly show, the Council has not proposed to release the land from Green Belt. The landowner Charles Connell & Co, has twice promoted this land for housing development and Stirling Council has rejected it twice as unsuitable. The land is needed for a cemetery extension, which is also intended to form a new permanent boundary for the Green Belt.

At the Community Council meeting on 7th November it was agreed to form an expanded Planning Group to work on the community response and expanded consultation. Many attended and virtually all voices were opposed to this development. This expanded group has met with and sought advice from planning experts. Bruce Crawford MSP also attended and he has written to Gladman, and to Stirling Council, seeking for confirmation of the status of the Local Development Plan and the cemetery extension.The consensus of the Planning Group is that this proposal amounts to “Wrong Houses, Wrong Site, Wrong Number”. Whether you agree with that assessment, or disagree, now is the opportunity for community members to make their voices heard.

A draft letter; a survey and a petition were prepared to help community members join in effective consultation. The special supplement dedicated to the Gladman proposal was distributed with the November edition of the Blane Valley Bulletin.

Many residents came along to our Community Council meeting on Monday 5th December 2016 where Gladman were attending and answered questions. We prepared a draft letter or email for you to start from. Also a petition and online survey were set up. The minutes of the meeting are available on this website here.

After consideration of the points raised, a response to the consultation was filed on behalf of Strathblane Community Council. A copy of the response is Here .  The main concern is to ensure that any land allocations and development are planned with the interests of the community in mind, and with all factors taken into account with proper consultation.

In May 2017 trenches have been dug in the fields. We understand this is for archaeological survey. The planning application was filed on 31st May 2017 (see above).


Information from Strathblane Community Council

This web page will be updated with the latest information as the consultation progresses. More background is in the special supplement to the BVB, mentioned above. If you want more detail, please come along to the Community Council meeting on 5th December, or get in touch with us using the Contact form (choose “Planning” as the heading).

Information from Stirling Council

There is no planning application for the Gladman proposal as yet, but Stirling Council has already published its consideration of the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment in the Planning Schedule for 2016 Week 44 (extract here).

Prior to agreement of the adopted Local Development Plan and the proposed (updated) Local Development Plan, Stirling already considered this site that was promoted by the landowner for development. The relevant part of the Examination Report for the LDP 2014 is here. The relevant part of Stirling’s “Main Issues Report” from 2015 is here. Full information about the Local Development Plan and process can be found on Stirling LDP pages.

Information from Gladman Developments.

Gladman’s dedicated web page can be found at The pre-application consultation period for this project has now closed. The web page will, however, remain active and will be updated accordingly as the project develops.  Alternatively, you may e-mail Gladman at

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