Local Development Plan Changes 2015-2016-2017

The Local Development Plan (LDP) determines planning policy for the whole of the Stirling Council area, over a rolling 20-year period.

Stirling Council has recently proposed an update of the Local Development Plan (LDP). The latest draft of this has a consultation deadline 23 September 2016. More information about the LDP, including links to the consultation documents and response forms, can be found on Stirling Council’s website here.

The Community Council will be considering in particular the parts of the LDP proposal that affect our local area. This extract has the pages specifically related to the settlement area of Strathblane and Blanefield, as well as pages on the Killearn Hospital site. A main change is confirming the potential development of housing on the site on the A81 below the Devil’s Elbow. Also confirming that the field beyond the current Campsie road development (Cala/Rural Stirling Housing Association) is designated for a cemetery extension.

As background, the Community Council’s previous comments on the proposals can be found here SCC LDP MIR Response 20151009.

A summary of responses from all parties was published by Stirling and is copied here 2016-summary-of-mir-reps-2016 with highlight on the portions of local relevance.

We believe the Proposed LDP is to be approved at a Stirling Council meeting in December 2016. It then passes to the Scottish Government for “examination”.

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